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Kettlebell Snatch Domination

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Interested in Kettlebell Snatch Domination by Logan Christopher?  This is a thorough review of KB Snatch Domination and the art of the Kettlebell Snatch.  So, why is the KB Snatch the topic for review?  Where there are a few reasons…

1.  The Kettlebell Snatch is the Most Efficient Exercise  for Fat Burning!

In VO2 tests, a minute of KB Snatches (15 seconds ON, 15 seconds OFF) has produced results as high as 22 calories burned PER minute.  The runner up is Spinning on a spin bike at just 12 calories burned PER minute.  In other words, you can perform ONE exercise in less time, and get maximum results.  Not bad, right?  Why is that you ask?  Well, it’s simple.  You are performing a full-body, compound-movement exercise where you are taking a heavy weight (the kettlebell) from the ground to directly over your head, and you are doing it in less than 1 second!  That’s POWER!  The problem is….

2.  The Kettlebell Snatch is one of the most difficult exercises to implement correctly!

Sitting in the gym performing bicep curls is easy.  You can’t really mess that one up.  But you can’t exactly expect amazing results from it either.  The Kettlebell Snatch on the other hand, is quite the opposite.  It is a full body, compound movement composed of pure power and strength.  It is extremely easy to perform this move completely wrong!  And what’s worse, if you perform it wrong, you WILL get injured!

Watch this video here for learning perfect form:

Click Here for Kettlebell Snatch Domination

300 Snatches in Less Than 10 Minutes

Pavel talks about your ability to perform 200 snatches in less than 10 minutes.  Logan Christopher shows you how 300 (and beyond) is possible in just 10 minutes.  The ability to combine both resistance training with high-speed cardio is what makes the the KB Snatch such an effective and efficient exercise to perform. This video below goes into the exact method for achieving such high results.

How to Get the BEST Results in The Littlest Amount Possible

You may be doing 100% kettblebells in your workout routine, or perhaps you’ve never picked up a kettlebell in your life.  If you want the best results for power, strength and calorie burn, the kettlebell snatch is your answer.  The problem is, you can’t start there.  You’ll need to master exercises like the the KB Swing first.

I highly recommend checking our Logan Christopher’s product and free videos on exactly how to master the Kettlebell snatch for maximum results.  To check out his course, simple click here to get started!

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Kettlebell Snatch

600 snatches

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3rd and 4th set of max vo2 based workout

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Swings, Cleans, & Snatches

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Swings, cleans, & snatches with a 16kg. kettlebell. Look at my belly!

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Kettlebell not snatch :)

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Ez meg amikor nem sikerül 😀

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Kettlebell 95ривьок

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Antonio Daniels KB Snatch

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NBA great Antonio Daniels Performs a Kettlebell Snatch at Verus Strength & Fitness

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Kettlebell snatch attempt.

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24kg 6min 15rpm (2).AVI

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Alternating Kettlebell Snatches

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32kg snatches