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6-6-6- CIRCUIT pull ups+ dip + 50reps POWER WHEEL.MOD

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Power lift without VS Weight lifting shoes

December 9th, 2010 1 comment Power lift without VS Weight lifting shoes (normal trainers). Learn why normal runners aren’t good shoes to be wearing in the gym. vsathletics, weightlifting, shoes, muscle building foods, weight lifting workouts, weightlifting workouts, bodybuilding books, weight lifting shoes, muscle building guide, best workout routine, building muscle fast, weight lifting routines, quick workouts, body building workouts, dumbbell workouts, weight lifting diet, kettlebell routines, muscle building protein, bodybuilding routine, body building training, body building program, weight lifting supplements, muscle building routine

Kettlebells To Lose Weight, Improve Strength, Power, Burn Fat

November 27th, 2010 25 comments Russian Kettlebells for Fast Fat Loss, Aggressive Strength, Conditioning Training, Size and Explosive Power. Burn fat fast, loose weight and work out anywhere! The Russian kettlebell is the excellent tool in achieving all-around fitness and developing of all-purpose strength. Kettlebell exercises will increase your physical resilience and staying power. It is almost impossible to perform kettlebell routines incorrectly, which insures trauma-free training. People practicing kettle bells pretty much never have any problems with lower back or joints. Rotator cuff injures are unheard of in kettlebell facilities. Exercises improve strength and flexibility preparing you for real life challenges. Ballistic exercises allow you to learn how to use your large muscle groups as a whole instead of isolating them with linear exercises and getting your joints vulnerable and exposed to inevitable joint injures.

Sandbag Training: Power Circuit

November 8th, 2010 12 comments #1 Sandbag Fitness Expert, Josh Henkin, shows another amazingly effective training program with his Ultimate Sandbag

Double Kettlebell Power Snatches 40kgx2

October 14th, 2010 12 comments

2 x 40kg Double kettlebell snatches

Power Kettlebell Workout 1

September 17th, 2010 2 comments

Kettlebell Workout for Power – Kettlebell Workout for Advanced Kettlebell Users. For kettlebell exercise descriptions and videos, please visit Equipment: 2 Heavy Kettlebells Sets: Perform Circuit 5 Times Rest: 2 min between Circuits A: Double Kettlebell Swing (5 Reps) B: Double Kettlebell Clean and Press (5 Reps) C: Double Kettlebell Snatch (5 Reps) D: Double Kettlebell Row (5 Reps) Finish with Tabata Jump Rope (4 min)

Power circuit: Hang clean,zercher,kb snatch, plyo push ups

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Power circuit: Hang clean 3x72kgs ,zercher squat 3x72kgs,dead kettlebell snatch 6 alternating with 32kgs, plyo push ups 6, 1’30” rest 5 times…13 hard minutes… 😉 Me, Lorenzo Di Maio doing it…

Workout at Home: Power & Endurance Circuit – Kettlebell Snatch Part 1 of 6

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Workout at Home: Power & Endurance Circuit – Kettlebell Snatch Part 1 of 6 How to do a Kettlebell Snatch, part of the Power and Endurance Circuit Training Series 1.Dynamic Warm up (see Dynamic Warm up Video) Then: 2. 10 x Kettlebell Snatch + 3. 10 x Single Arm Row + 4. 10 x Suitcase Deadlift + 5. 10 x Overhead Lunges + 6. 10 x Renegade Rows + 7. 20 meters Farmers Walk 10/12 reps. As many rounds in 30 minutes Workout at Home: Power & Endurance Circuit – How to perform a Kettlebell Snatch Click Here To Read The Full Article

power snatch

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Kettlebell exercises shown by Personal Trainer Neil Laybourn, owner of LivelyDayz Personal Training and Fitness. exercises can be repeated in KETTLETONE fitness class, run in covent garden, cenral london Log onto website to get info on personal training, nutrition, fitness classes, kettlebells, weightloss, toning in London.

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Full Body Strength & Power Sandbag Workout

May 24th, 2010 3 comments

Marcus Martinez of MBody Strength demonstrates a full-body sandbag and bodyweight workout for strength and power. Workout Instructions: Complete all sets/reps of each exercise before progressing to the next exercise. Rest 60 to 90 seconds between sets and exercises. Full Body Strength & Power Sandbag Workout: A: Sandbag Anyhow – 5 x 5 each arm B: Mix Grip Pull Ups – 3 x 8 C: In & Out Push Up – 2 x 30 sec D: Clean to Good Morning – 2 x 8 E: Sandbag Get Up (Alternating) – 1 x 3 min F: Half Moon Snatch – 2 x 30 sec Find out more information at More workouts, exercises, and information at http