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BENCH PRESS 80kg+ROWING 70 kg 60 reps NO STOP.

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tracy’s 16 kg snatch/negative press combination

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more press work for the shoulders

Clean, Push Press, Snatch | Kettlebell | Albuquerque, NM

December 2nd, 2010 Comments off Get a great core training workout when doing the kettlebell routine which includes the Clean, Push Press and Snatch. FIREBELLZ Strength Training, is committed to helping Albuquerque, NM residents lose body fat and gain strength through kettlebell core workout training. For more information on our group fitness, personal training, hard style Russian kettlebells and other core workout training programs please visit our website http

Bench press, axle deadlifts, low rack pulls, kettlebell snatches

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Recent training compilation. Bench press triple, double overhand axle deadlift, below the knee rack pull triple and 2-pood kettlebell snatches

snatch press combo

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a new snatch press comination

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Kettlebell Press –

November 1st, 2010 Comments off exercises by coach Umberto Miletto

Kettlebell Set – KB Complex w/Snatch, Swing, Squat & Press

September 15th, 2010 Comments off This is a simple Kettlebell Complex you can perform simply and easily.

KETTLEBELL CARDIO Workout – ROUND 11 & 12: Swing, Clean & Press, Figure-8, Snatch

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Kettlebell Conditioning Workout CARDIO MACHINEā„¢ ROUND 11 includes: 30 seconds of Kettlebell SWING + 30 seconds of Kettlebell CLEAN & PRESS + 30 seconds of Kettlebell FIGURE-8 and 30 seconds of Kettlebell Swing ROUND 12 includes: 30 seconds of Kettlebell CLEAN & PRESS + 30 seconds of Kettlebell FIGURE-8 + 30 seconds of Kettlebell SNATCH + 30 seconds of Kettlebell CLEAN & PRESS Total Time of each Round is 2 minutes with one minute pause between the rounds, Training design by Genadi Hiskia 2006-2007. for more information please e-mail to Genadi Hiskia

Run/ Push Press/ Kettlebell Snatch

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